Will Koehler



I'm a senior-level developer and system architect. I specialize in helping companies focus a collection of business needs into a clean, simple software solution. I take projects from concept to final deliverable, often continuing with long-term maintenance and updates.

I constantly push to simplify and remove unnecessary decisions and distractions from the user. The resulting applications improve daily workflow, track key business metrics, and make companies more efficient. These applications commonly return the initial investment in under a year via revenue growth and cost savings and continue to generate wealth for many years after that.

Consulting Work

Web Applications
2005 - present
Rails • React • JavaScript • jQuery • PostgreSQL • MySQL • HTML/CSS • AWS Infrastructure

My preferred stack is Rails with a lightweight JavaScript front end. The bulk of the application logic and views are in the Rails application with just enough front-end code to make the user experience fluid and seamless. I'm also fluent in React for more complex front-end requirements. My applications run on AWS infrastructure, managed by AWS OpsWorks.

I maintain several legacy apps built with PHP and ExtJS. While no longer cutting edge, these apps have been running flawlessly for over 15 years and still deliver important business value.

Client Overview

Most of my clients have been with me over 15 years and return year after year to add enhancements to existing products, or to start new projects.

In more detail...


Developed ShayHi MVP https://shayhi.com, a product for building trust and connections within remote teams.

Key challenge: Engineering a greenfield Rails + React app that could quickly evolve to find product-market fit while maintaining a stable and well tested code base.

Test Double, LLC

Worked with Test Double as a member of larger teams at a variety of client placements.

Disney Imagineering: Worked with a team building an internal metrics system to track and improve Disney engineering projects across their theme park network.

Roostify, Inc: Worked on a team at Roostify to build a custom integration layer running on AWS infrastructure that connected Roostify's online mortgage system with Chase Bank's financial infrastructure.

Rails 5 Upgrades: Helped clients upgrade large, customer-facing applications from Rails 4 to Rails 5.2

Infoquest, Ltd

Developed the Investigation Management System, a tool that tracks workers compensation fraud investigations. The system is a vital part of Infoquest's business and handles every step of an investigation from initial request to monitoring progress to client communications to reporting and invoicing. Investigators can upload surveillance videos and enter surveillance notes from their iPads in the field, saving them significant time.

Key challenge: Encoding and streaming video for playback on a variety of platforms including mobile and flash-based players.

Impact: The IMS helped Infoquest acquire new clients and grow annual revenue from $3M to $4M (2013 to 2016). Key clients, like Toyota and Nationwide, cite the efficiency of using the IMS as a primary reason for working with Infoquest. In addition, by simplifying management and investigation work, the IMS saves Infoquest $200k/year in overhead and employee costs.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

I've worked with Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (previously Pharmacy Systems) for over 15 years building a wide range of tools to help them manage hospital pharmacies, hospital supply chains, and hospital rehab units.

Key challenge: Distilling Comprehensive Pharmacy Services' business data into a set of key metrics that clearly shows the value they are providing to their customers.

Applications Developed Include:

  • Rx Medi-Trend
  • Pharmacy Benchmark
  • Chronicle
  • Signyl for Pharmacy
  • Signyl for Supply Chain

Orion America Technologies, LLC

Drawing on Orion AT's expertise in government contract management, I created OMIS, a tool to track projects at FAA-funded research centers. The resulting application is getting attention at all levels of the FAA as an example of the right way to track FAA-sponsored research.

Key challenge: Building a system where a wide range of people, from Program Managers, to Principal Investigators, to Tech Monitors, to Fiscal Admins, to Contract Admins, each feel the system is designed specifically around their needs and makes their job easier.

Impact: Six months after launch, the OMIS generated $150k/yr in revenue. In turn, by improving accuracy and reducing duplication of effort, the OMIS saved the FAA $360k/yr in administrative oversight costs.

Kellerman Consulting

Built HACCP XPRESS, the first of its kind automated web-based system system for generating and selling HACCP plans used by restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Key challenge: Building a web-based system that generated regulatory-compliant HACCP plans in all 50 states which were delivered as turnkey Word DOCX files ready to be submitted to local health departments and other regulatory entities.

Commercial Prototypes
2011 - 2012
CoffeeScript • HTML/CSS • iAd JS

1K Studios

Built a series of prototypes on Apple TV and iPad to explore the future of the movie and TV viewing experience. This work was performed for Apple Inc. and contracted through 1K Studios.

Business Intelligence
SQL Server • Microsoft Access • Visual Basic • PHP • ASP

Chase Bank

Built tooling with Microsoft Access and ASP that helped Chase Bank identify and document relationships between their private banking customers. I analyzed the resulting data with MS SQL Server.

Impact: Helped private banking agents identify the full value of banking relationships so they could optimize service for customers that were generating the most value for the bank.

Kal Kan - Mars Petcare

Built tooling with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic that are critical to Kal Kan's production process and efficiency.

  • Hold System Tracks inventory that was set aside (on hold) due to production problems.
  • Conformance System Tracks production line output and conformance to product standards.

Impact: Helped Kal Kan improve production efficiency by identifying trends in production line conformance. Reduced waste by getting on hold inventory back into production quickly, before it needed to be discarded.

Other Clients

Harmony Ball Company
FAA Airworthiness Assurance COE

Real-Time, Embedded Systems
C • C++ • 68K Assembly • x86 Assembly • VxWorks • AMX

ADB Airfield Solutions

Developed firmware for embedded airport lighting control modules with C++ and AMX. These modules receive commands from the control tower to control taxi and runway lights and monitor lighting system status. This ADB lighting system is in use at major international airports in the US and Europe.

Key challenge: Developed a fault-tolerant communications protocol that used multiple channels and automatic failover to ensure reliable communications between the control tower and the lighting modules.

STAR Dynamics Corporation

Worked on a team developing a high resolution tracking radar. The radar had a phased array antenna capable of tracking multiple targets up to 100 miles in range within a few inches of resolution.

Key challenges: Designed an ultra low-latency communication protocol to interface between the target acquisition system and the tracking system. Designed a non-blocking, real-time memory allocation system.

Other Clients

Aeroflex Test Solutions
Dynamic Sensor Systems LLC
Lintek, Inc

Commercial Windows Applications
C++ • MFC • Windows API

John Neal & Associates

Developed “Sundial”, a commercial Windows 95 application using MFC and Visual C++. Sundial displays a changing outdoor scene on the Windows desktop. Sunrise and sunset on the desktop are synchronized with the local sunrise and sunset.


Lintek, Inc
C • C++ • 68K Assembly • Windows API

Developed real-time, embedded-system firmware and user interfaces using C, C++, 68K assembly, Windows 3.1, 95, NT. Firmware development required creation of an OS kernel including interfacing with SCSI, GPIB, Ethernet, and custom hardware designed in-house. Products developed include:

  • 5000 Radar System user interface, embedded firmware
  • 4000 Radar System user interface, data acquisition
  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) embedded firmware
  • AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) embedded firmware
  • TPI (Target Positioning System) embedded firmware, front panel interface
  • élan Radar System motion device subsystem

ElectroScience Laboratory - The Ohio State University
Summer 1989

Worked as an intern on a variety of projects including the predecessor to the Lintek radar systems.


The Ohio State University
1986 - 1990

BS Electrical Engineering. GPA 3.74

Phi Kappa Phi • Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics) • Eta Kappa Nu (Elec. Eng.)