Will Koehler

About me

Goodale Park, Columbus, OH. Photo: Dave K.

I build custom web applications for small businesses and startups. I take projects from concept to final deliverable, often continuing with hosting, long-term maintenance, and updates.


  • Turning business requirements into a clean simple web application
  • Ruby + Rails
  • Front-end Javascript
  • AWS infrastructure

The solutions I deliver to my clients improve daily workflow, track key business metrics, and make companies more efficient. These applications commonly return the initial investment in under a year via revenue growth and cost savings and continue to generate wealth for many years after that.

For more details see my resume.


The pictures in this blog are scenes from my neighborhood, city, and surrounding countryside. I like living in Columbus, OH. It's the best city no one knows about.

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out about a project, a coding question, or anything else that's on your mind. Email me at wck555@gmail.com

Most days you can find me at The Salt Mines, an awesome coworking site in Clintonville. Stop in any time.